A dedicated small business consultant, I pride myself on exceptional service whether it’s creating marketing plans, managing social media accounts, campaigns, SEO, or email marketing. For over a year now, I’ve been the CEO of York Whitaker Services, LLC—a fresh consulting company I founded in 2014 to help businesses unravel their full potential by attracting not only new customers, but lasting customers. With a background in Psychology, I have a keen awareness of the emotional and mental motivations customers have when making a purchase and love to use this as a source for creating exceptional marketing plans that truly work. It’s not just about getting your brand out there, it’s about getting your brand out there so that it sticks with someone in a positive way, making them want to get to know you or your product more. As a creative myself, I tend to approach marketing with a unique perspective and absolutely love taking risks and helping others do the same. It’s through those risks that we often find our biggest triumphs.

Comprehensive, detail-oriented, and very much customer-centric, my business rests on a foundation of strong values and creativity. Marketing is often about coming out strong and beating the odds, being seen in sea of a million others grasping for that same chance to be seen. As someone who grew up in Brooklyn, I know the true meaning of fighting for what you believe in and know firsthand that all of us have the ability to rise above and beat the odds—in our personal lives and in our businesses.

It’s my honor to help others succeed. To meet their goals and exceed them. To beat the odds and overcome obstacles. And I am committed to making that happen for you and your business with passion, meticulousness, and originality.

When I am not working hard to help others succeed, I enjoy spending quality time with my family, travel, theater, photography, the smooth sounds of yacht rock and of course, social media.

To help businesses:

  • Use social media and digital marketing to build their brand
  • Attract and engage customers
  • Identify and understand customers needs
  • Increase web traffic and increase conversions

A brief timeline of York on the web

1998: Campus Rep for CollegeClub.com, an early social networking site with the largest online community of college students (in its time).

1998: Begins “journaling” on the web (anecdotal tales and navel-gazing).

1999: Sets up first online shop with mother (selling mostly tchotchkes for crazy cat ladies).

2005: Sets up second online shop with mother (selling handmade accessories for ladies).

2007: Begins blogging about beauty, fashion and pop culture (with a sardonic spin).

2011: Manages social media presence for luxury jewelry brand.

2012: Sets up third online shop with mother (selling handmade hair accessories for ladies).

2013: Begins blogging about social media, digital marketing and technology.

2014: Project Manager and Digital Campaign Manager for a boutique marketing agency.

2014: Launches York Whitaker Services, LLC; a digital marketing agency to help small businesses expand their reach and reach their goals.