Infiltrating the Newsfeed


Now that anyone can reach the masses via Facebook Newsfeed Ads, marketers are going to see tough times ahead.

While it may be true that the newsfeed is prime real estate because users have become desensitized to the ads on the side of the page, it doesn’t mean that an ad in the newsfeed will have the desired effect a marketer is looking for.

We’ve all seen them. The random newsfeed ad, typically the second or third post listed on your newsfeed once you log into Facebook. An ad for something you’d never even think to purchase, often accompanied by a shady looking character whose legitimacy you question. A bad newsfeed ad will not bring in more customers for you, it will only upset Facebook users. Users no longer hide behind anonymity to speak their minds over the Internet. Real names and real photos appear next to real sentiments on how they wish your ad would never appear in their newsfeed, ever again. Not all publicity is good publicity.

Users want the newsfeed to help them stay in touch with friends, family and brands they’ve chosen to receive updates from. So, if you’re planning to use a non-targeted newsfeed ad to reach a wider audience, please post something that could be of value to a general audience; Rated G, all ages, no offensive content. Post shareable content, pictures, nothing pushy, spammy or ponzi schemey. Just because you can barge into someone’s life and newsfeed, doesn’t mean you can’t add a little value in the process. Let’s try to make it enjoyable for all parties involved.

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