Which Social Media Platform is Right for Your Business?



I follow the “thought leaders” and influencers in the realm of social media marketing, and study what the bigger brands are doing, to build on their knowledge and develop new techniques to ensure that the brand I represent has a presence on social media that reflects the true spirit of the company.

A few years ago, the only name in social media that mattered was Myspace, now every few months we have a new platform to learn and decide whether our brand needs a presence there. Every brand that’s using social media is already using Facebook and Twitter, but what else should we be using in 2013? The “Big 3” platforms to use in social media differ depending on who you’re speaking with and what year it is, but Pinterest was the 3rd platform we deemed most appropriate for the brand. While we also established a presence on YouTube, LinkedIn and Instagram, Pinterest is the most visual of all the social media channels, making it the perfect platform to showcase lavish jewelry. Best of all, Pinterest encourages sharing or “pinning” other users images, which means that your fans become brand ambassadors, promoting your brand every time they pin and repin one of your images. By some estimates, the majority of Pinterest users are women aged 25 – 44, a major detail to note, as you want to be where your target audience is.

There are many options for brands in 2013; WWE is dominating on Tout (whom they have a partnership with) by having it’s “Superstars” and “Diva’s” record 15 second videos or “Tout’s” that progress the ongoing storyline. WWE encourages fan engagement by airing fan’s Tout’s live during Monday Night Raw.

Vine and Pheed are newer platforms , but they’re quickly becoming popular, especially with younger users. Vine is an app that allows users to create 6 second videos or “Vine’s“, but Vine’s brilliance is in how the creator chooses to use those 6 seconds. Some users are using those precious 6 seconds to create stop-motion masterpieces. However, the advent of Instagram Video has some Vine users deleting their accounts in favor of Instagram’s 15 seconds plus custom filter effects. With Pheed we’re seeing a return to an all-inclusive social media site that allows users to post text, photos, audio, video, live-broadcasts or users can share or “remix” another users Pheed. You can monetize your Pheed by setting a monthly subscription fee for your channel, or setting up a pay-per-view live broadcast event.

Determine which platforms your target audience is already using, respond to feedback promptly and always keep an eye on what the competition is doing. Some will say that you should be everywhere, I think it’s a better approach to focus on a few platforms where you can engage your customers and fans in different ways. Last, be human. Have a conversation about industry news and other hot topics. If all you’re doing is selling, then you’re simply a commercial, and too many commercials become spam, and spam gets deleted and blocked.


Mad that I didn’t mention Google+ ? Using a Social Media sites I’ve never heard of? Leave a comment below and let me know how YOU chose which Social Media sites were best for you.

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